tatiana nussbaum
full name tatiana sólene nussbaum birthdate march 13th, 1996 & 21 marital status ∞ married to noel james nussbaum place of birth/currently residing miami, fl. / echo park, ca. occupation owns a food truck/catering business with noel personality infj / type 2 - the helper / pisces children yuri valentina nussbaum + oreo cookie nussbaum + tod nussbaum + hamlet nussbaum

after quite literally running into each other on campus, ignacio and carmen fell in love. of course with both of them studying in order to graduate, their relationship wasn't without it's faults. despite the madness that every student goes through while attempting to graduate, the pair managed to finish it out strong. soon after carmen's graduation, the two tied the knot in a very modest ceremony in a local church. ignacio went on trying to further his business career after a few succcessful internships played out, while carmen went about her initial mission of going to medical school. she had a dream in mind, and wouldn't allow anything to get in the way. however, a small wrench was thrown in her plans when she found herself pregnant for the first time just two years after graduating. nine months later, she'd find herself pushing out her first born, julio joaquin, while studying for her exams.

a few years later, she found herself pregnant once again. this time she was nearly done with her schooling and found herself working at the hospital. another nine months later and she was giving birth to yosenia ami. when she finally gave birth to tatiana, she was finishing up her residency at the hospital and deciding that a personal practice was more up her alley. family medicine was always what carmen was working towards. however, while things got off the ground she found herself working numerous jobs to help her husband make ends meet. unfortunately when you're working to make enough money to survive, you forget to leave. the camposes' marriage suffered a great deal in this time and they were forced to face realities and fix their marriage before it fell apart completely. it was their first and only hiccup in the otherwise extremely healthy partnership.

while miami was always and would always be considered home, ignacio got offered an exclusive partnership with an advertising firm in california so the family was uprooted and moved across the country. despite it being the best move for them, it left a bad taste in the taste of the youngest campos who wasn't ready to leave her grandparents behind, not to mention the rest of her family and friends. the move proved to be very difficult for tatiana as time went on. she found she didn't really fit in huntington beach high school. it didn't take long for her to start to be bullied. it started one afternoon after school and didn't let up for the entire time she was there. being as she'd joined the marching band almost immediately, she made an easy target for the bullies with too much time on their hands.

the self harm started she was only in her sophomore year of high school, but only got progressively worse as the bullying intensified. no matter how many times students got in trouble for it, they didn't let that get in the way of making tatiana feel like the smallest person in the room. in her senior year tatiana started standing up for herself, which meant she got into more fights. being as she has always been small, she didn't win very many of them. it didn't stop her from wanting to stand up for herself. she'd gone through enough at that point, and she didn't want to keep going through it.

once getting away from the hellhole that high school was, tatiana's self love has improved significantly. she struggles internally between the two loves of her life: music, and cooking. if there were a way to intertwine the two of them, she would do it in a heartbeat. however in the past six months she decided to try her hand at cooking and found that she is completely in love with it. she's since started her own small catering business and now owns a food truck, both which she shares with her husband. her first real relationship turned into a marriage, and she couldn't be happier about it. they are unbreakable in their opinion, and she believes it'll last forever. she's currently pregnant with her first child, and can't wait to welcome her daughter into the world.

facts • tatiana loves music more than anything. when she was younger she had a dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. as she got older she realized that music wasn't her only passion, and ultimately not the one she wanted to pursue, at least professionally. she's still very much in love with every aspect of music, but realizes that it isn't her dream anymore. as far as her performances, she sticks to covers of songs that she loves and transforms them into something unique sounding and creative, or she completely breaks them down into something unexpected and beautiful.

• tatiana was bullied extensively from the time she was 12 until she turned 17. it didn't stop then, but that's when she learned to stand up for herself more. refusing to be treated like anyone else's punching bag. consequently, that's when she started getting into fights more.

• tati's family is split in half. her mother's part of the family is half cuban, half brazilian. her father's side is fully cuban. she has two siblings, both of them older. she is extremely close to her paternal grandmother. she's who taught her how to cook, and be crafty. she also sang with her growing up whenever the two of them were together in the kitchen cooking, it was always paired with singing.

• tati started learning to play guitar when she was nine years old and picked up her father's. she's since gotten her own guitar from her father, and hasn't put that one down. for a brief year in elementary school, she picked up the cello but was too intimidated by it to keep up with it. it's a decision she definitely regrets, and will rectify soon. she started playing the flute in junior high school with her band, then joined the band in high school. she still plays it on occasion so as not to get rusty.

• tatiana struggles with her self image thanks to years of torment. she tends to compare herself with what she considers beautiful, and decides she's not as good as them. she is slowly trying to unlearn that behavior and that mindset, but it's definitely not easy. she's been getting better as seeing herself as something other than just a waste of oxygen. she pretends to be a lot more confident than she really is.

• she's always been good in the kitchen, but thanks to working at a bakery her skill set has only improved. she's recently discovered that it's something that she wants to actively pursue and is even looking into starting culinary school in the fall of 2016. she recently acquired a job as a commis in a kitchen. she's constantly experimenting with new recipes and loves to try them on her friends.

• she absolutely hates being lied to. it's one of her deal breakers. do not lie to her, or the trust is completely out the window. she's had extremely bad experiences with people who have lied to her before. trust means everything to her, so when someone breaks that it's extremely hard to get back in her good graces.

• she's really sensitive, and tends to tear up whenever someone yells at her. but in the same vein, she's not afraid of confrontation and will not be talked to like she's an idiot. she tends to take things to heart, so despite her fighting back and proving you wrong, she'll still keep those insults playing on loop in her head for a while.

• tatiana drives a 2010 toyota camry in black. instead of a quinceanera, or a sweet sixteen she opted to get a car and has never regretted it.

• has multiple tattoos. in total. her first tattoo was of a pair of music notes behind her right ear. her second tattoo was of the deathly hallows on her chest. her third tattoo is of an anchor on her hip, and it's the first one to match her husband. her fourth tattoo is of her husband's name right along her left shoulder, a little north of her heart.

• tatiana is very big on friendships but she's recently learned that not everyone can be her friend. most people tend to want the easy way in friendships. they tend to want her to make all the effort while they sit back and do the very minimum. she's learned that friendship just like any other relationship is a two way street and if people are keen to have her in their lives then they should make as much of an effort as she does.